Speciality Foams

Different formulations of the foams we carry are here in this category to avoid confusion. These foams are ideal for a wide range of applications inside and outside of the kayaking world.

The technical name for the foam most people know is as "Minicel" is Closed Cell Crosslink Polyethylene.  That foam is available in many different densities.   Density is described as weight per square foot of material.  All our standard kayak foam is 2lb density.  A 12"x12"x12" block of this material would weigh 2 pounds on a scale. 

This Closed Cell Crosslink Polylethelyne material is made in densities from 1.5lb to 9lb.  

We usually stock some options of  4lb density as it is good for applications such as  casting decks and cooler toppers. 

We can get you hundereds of different formulations for your applicaiton.  Just give a call or drop an email and we will get you pointed in the right direction.