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Sales Tax:  Sales tax is only charged for orders shipped to Tennessee.

Over priced shipping blows. 
We strive to make your shipping cost visible, transparent, and as close to actual cost as possible. 
You can see our low shipping prices in real time as you add items to your cart.
Shipping cost is based on actual weight and the cost is pulled from the post office's rate calculator.
There is a minimum of 1 pound for the whole order.
example: 1 piece of sandpaper would cost 1 pound to ship.
An order that weighs three pounds will cost whatever the post offices rate calculator for 3 pounds says.
So, ordering a single small individual item like 1 nose plug, or one square of neoprene foam can end up costing $5 or $6 to ship while ordering a dozen of em' may still only cost $5 or $6 to ship.  Bottom line, order more stuff :)



To see what shipping costs: 






Just put an item in your cart.  Then put your zip code in the field that you see there. 
You can now add and remove items from your cart and see how it affects your shipping costs at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 1.  Put something in your cart

Next enter your zip code in the field at the bottom left side of your screen. 

At the bottom of the screen you will now see how much shipping will cost for the items in your cart. 

You can now go anywhere on the site and add more items to the cart.  At any time you can click the shopping cart button to go to the shopping cart screen to see shipping totals.  
If you want to remove an item click the trash can icon for that item when you are on the shopping cart page.