Neoprene foam

Our Neoprene foam is an EPDM foam with high neoprene content. This stuff is super grippy. It is great as your final outside layer for your hip pads and works outstanding as a coating for your kayak seat. Its compression properties are similar to minicel foam but it feels quite a bit softer and it is does not become slippery when wet. Try some and you will be surprised how much more control you have over your boat.

Works great for other applications like gasket making and molding kydex. Contact us for a technical spec sheet.

When choosing the thickness of neoprene foam there is a trade off between how much padding it offers vs. how tight of a curve you are gluing to. More abrupt curves are harder to glue well.
If you are covering a hip pad and you want to do a full wrap around it you might choose 1/8" or 1/4" thick non self adhesive and do the gluing yourself in a couple stages.
Larger and flatter surfaces like a kayak seat are a job that can quickly be tackled with something like 3/8th thick self adhesive foam.

Industrial customers: we can get many different formulations for your application including anything from pure neoprene to expanded foams. Contact us via the link at the bottom of the page.
It is an exceptional material for applications such as a kydex press.
The size increments given are in inches.