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Whitewater kayak seat template.  

It may take some wrestling with your different software and printer but perhaps this printable template will save you some effort making a seat.  

Here is what it looks like, the actual files are down below at the bottom of the page. 
preview of seat template.  I am not clickable.  The links you want are lower down the page.

Windows users right mouse the file(s) and save em locally to open in your computers chosen software.  Mac users hold control when clicking.   Tablet users... I don't know.  Lay tracing paper on your screen or something :)

PDF file here - should work for most people.  Only tested in Foxit Reader as I have a strong aversion to Acrobat Reader. 

JPG file here - Windows users try opening with Windows Photo Viewer and print with the following settings: choose "full page photo".  Enable the "picture to frame" button and print.  Then try one without "fit picture to frame" enabled and see which one works best for you. 

PNG file here - Its like a JPG, only better :)

BMP file here - this file is pretty big.  Only choose this one if the other formats aren't working for you or you want to take it into an editing program to tweak it. 

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