Outfitting tips


Hip Pads

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The function of the hip pad is obvious. The attachment of such may not be so obvious.

This is something of a convoluted nook that you need to be cutting the block for. What I have found that what works good is to do the hip pads in two steps. The first step is to cut a smaller block that only serves the purpose of making a flat surface to glue the second block on to. To the left of the picture above you will see the second outer block that is glued to the row of smaller blocks behind it. Cut these smaller blocks with about a 35 degree angle on one side and the other side flat. When these are glued in it will provide a flat surface that will be easy to manipulate the final shaping blocks on. Up high and possibly above the level of the cockpit rim is where you will be needing the support. For this reason and others they are constantly ripping and otherwise in need of changing. This is one reason to do the two stage system.

In toward the knee pockets you see the foam on the outside of the thigh area. I have discovered recently that foaming this area adds miraculous additional control. You leg is wedged between this foam and your knee block making you very snug.