Dagger Ego

Additionally you should look at the pictures in the Crossdrilling section and the Dagger/riot hips section as these are pictures of the Dagger Ego.

pic of backband mounting

This is a view from the back toward the front. The stock back band in the Ego was plagued with strap breaking problems. This can only be solved by installing a different type of strap. I managed to wrangle up some straps that were designed for the later model G force. Where the pinkie finger is in the picture you can see where the webbing strap ends and the plastic ratchet piece starts. This stops there from having to be a sharp bend in the strap. I made the anchor point much further forward of the stock position. You can see yellow where I welded over the stock mounting holes for the bracket, and the index finger indicates the mounting point of the backstrap a good two inches forward of the stock position.. The removal of the L brackets for the stock mounting system was the most significant weight saving mod I did to this boat. At 5oz a piece, that is 10oz total in just these metal pieces.

pic of cockpit

The white stripe that you see in this pic is a piece of corrugated plastic. This is the same material that you can see in the modifying Planetary Gear elbows section of this page. Laminating this plastic into the front wall did not add any measurable weight and added a tangible improvement in stiffness. It also allowed me to shave the side of the wall to ease entry and exit at the same level if integral safety. If you attempt this mod you are best off if you have access to a large bandsaw that can make a clean vertical cut of the wall. The easiest way to glue is to not trim the plastic closely. Glue one half to the plastic first then the other half to the plastic and then trim down the plastic last.

side cockpit

In this pic you can see that the excess length in front of the seat anchor has been cut off. You are not likely to need to change the seat from the stock position. If you do and once you do, you won't need to move it radically again. Leave an extra hole or two and then cut. I put a solid sheet of foam to cover that short seat/ foam combo of the Dagger stock outfitting that doesn't make much sense to me.

Blocks to the outside of the knee give support and help stop leg fatigue.

full boat

You will have to undo the screws on the deck to access the bat wing. You must remove the bat wing to remove the front wall.

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