Crazy 88, Kingpin, G Force

All have very similar foot area. Use these guidelines to speed up the creation of a good foot block.

Start with a 3x12x12 square. On the leading front edge (indicated by dotted line "B") place a pail on top of the block and trace it. A 1 gallon paint can is adequate but the bigger the better, even a 5 gallon pail is good for tracing because you want a slow curve that will allow most of the pressure to be on your heels and not your toes.

For the distance "A" on a 5'11" tall person with typical size 9 feet you will want 11". For a taller 6'1" paddler you will want 5.5". The most accurate way to get this measurement is to sit in the empty boat and mark the bottom of the boat where your heels come together then get out and measure from the tip of the boat to your mark.

The block as viewed from the front tip of the boat direction. The cut "C"is 33 degrees if you are fortunate enough to have a bandsaw. If you are long legged this is the only bevel you will need at teh tip. If you are regular height (5'11") you will make a similar cut to "c" on the top to match the curve of the boat. For all heights you will need to make the cut "B" to match the curve of boat near the tip. Also check out our mega block section.

As with pretty much all boats you will benefit by adding blocks to the outside of your knee. Start with something about the shape of an upside down hip pad. Sit in the boat and place the pad where it feels best and then trace with a heavy pen. Get of of the boat and glue in place.

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