Slat seat kitting

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This is the method that has been developed by the current world champion who has used it since he started paddling. This seat is a custom seat that was developed from the seats used in slalom and can be purchased from the Online Store. As you can see from the picture below there are five main parts.

  1. Front Facier Block
  2. Knee Slots
  3. Paddle Shaft and straps
  4. The seat
  5. Supporting block for the seat

1. The Front facier block is a piece of foam cut to sit over the top of the knee slots that can be taken in or out depending how fast you wish to get out the boat. With it in it can be hard to get out but makes the boat more responsive with out you can get out of the boat no problem. I use the facier block for rodeo's and I take it out for big river running.

2. The knee slots are two bits of foam stuck together and then dug out to form a channel for the knee's

3. The paddle shaft is a normal kayak carbon shaft which goes under the front and back foam block that come with the boat. The buckles I use are fixlock buckles that can be purchased from the online store and the straps are from an old car.

4. The seat is a bucket seat that can be purchased online

5. The supporting block is two bits of foam stuck together and run from the back foam to an inch infront of the seat and provide a great amount of support for the seats else they will break.

The buckles on the back of the boat are attached by the use of drilling a hole through the back of the boat and pushing a bolt through the hole and through the strap and then threading the back of the buckle through and then pushing the other end of the strap through the bolt and then tightening it up.

As we can see from the picture above, the pole sits under the foam that supports the seat as this stops the pole pulling up.

As you can see from this picture, the seat is lowered by the use of a block of wood which the bolts go through. There is a sheet of metal that covers the bottom of the seat fixing to provide more support and under this bolts hold in all together.

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