Dagger CFS modifications

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Described below is a modification to the bulkhead that you may want to try on a lazy rainy (make that sunny) day. The CFS is my current creek boat choice. I really like the thermoformed front wall section. In my opinion this front section substantially improves your chances of surviving a pin. This wall section does add a bit of weight and this modification to the bulkhead is an attempt to offset some of that weight..

Before the mods the bulkhead weighed 2 lbs 7.5 oz. After the mods the bulkhead measured 2lb 1.5oz. This is a grand savings of 6 ounces. The bottom line is I wouldn't recommend bothering with this mod unless you need to hide from your wife in the garage for a couple hours.

The first thing I did was cross drill the thigh hooks. I did this for more than just the weight savings. I personally actually wanted the hooks to be weaker so I or someone else could flex them out of the way in a pin situation. I left the peak of the curve untouched so they would still be relatively strong. Don't expect big weight savings here. I weighed the shavings taken out and they were less than an ounce.

thigh hook, click to see bigger

OK lets get to the bulkhead. Before you start be sure that you have plenty of tools, beer, music and time.

Step one is to dissemble the front of the boat. There are two bolts on the seat connecting to the wall and one bolt on the top. You will need a 7/16th wrench and a Phillips screwdriver. An 11mm deep socket wrench will work well for the bolt on the top.

shavings, click to see bigger

Here is what I swept into a pile when I was done. Pretty eh?

crossdrilled bulkhead, click to see bigger

I crossdrilled everywhere that I didn't think would effect the structural integrity too much. Places that I did NOT drill were the front where your feet touch, or the middle, or any area that I felt the load would spread out from the attachment points.

holes in track, click to see bigger

The section of aluminum track that is closest to the cockpit has holes preplaced to put the bolt through to anchor the bulkhead to match your size. The last foot or so closest to the bulkhead does not have these holes. I drilled out this section with some large holes. Theoretically this will lead to no reduction in strength. The bulkhead is most likely to fail at weaker points like the anchors on either end. The weight savings with this step was about 1 ounce.

track end, click to see bigger

Depending on how tall you are you can cut some off of the end of this track. I used a 4.5" angle grinder with a metal cutting wheel. If you are motivated you can do this with a hacksaw. I am 5'10" and chose to be a little conservative and only cut two hole lengths out. The two pieces that you see on the scale had a combined weight of one ounce. Note that there is an angle on the remaining piece since the small corner removed does not affect strength. File the left over rough edges with a file to avoid wear on your boat or your legs.

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