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running notes from Eric for john what I have changed.       This page can be edited at tools/define.pages/editor/define_page_4.php


all times eastern

8-22 5:58 update usps module from 11a to 11e

8-22 5:50pm log manger plugin installed.  set to 60 day expire logs

8-22 5:38pm updated access blocker plugin from 1.1 to 1.5.  this did not fix contact us failure. 

8-20 1:15pm configuration/bootstrap.template.settings  enable ajax search set from false to true. 

8-20 12:47pm configuration/product.listings/columns.per.row changed from 3 to 0.  this fixes the formatting of size of the box of products on each multi product page.

8-20 12:40pm Set Report All Errors (Admin)? and Report All Errors (Store) changed from NO to IgnoreDups. per this

8-20 12pm config/ezpages turn on footer. created this page. 

8-20 11:50am configuration/  change guest checkout to true. change email confimation to false.

8-20 11:45am modules/payment  disable square.  enable square_webpay.   Original square module was not displaying credit card number fields.  webpay is displaying fields. 

8-19 tools/sitemapxml  rebuild sitemap files



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