You know us as the place that has sold foam at under wholesale price for decades now. After a year of selling at a loss as distributors passed on higher costs I must now raise foam prices by a lot.

On top of the continuing price increases our suppliers have passed on in the last 14 months they are now advising us that there are no two pound crosslink foam manufacture deliveries expected for three months. That is right, the entire country will not be getting more of this foam until some time in July.

My existing inventory is all that I will be able to supply the kayak community until then.   I expect to run out of some thicknesses in about 4 weeks. 

Despite this price increase our foam is still like 30 percent less than the next cheapest option you will find.    I will reserve the right to cancel orders that that appear to be dealers, or fit unusual purchasing patterns, or just plain wipe out our inventory.  

As of 5/12 we are out of 2" thick except for a couple 12x12 pieces.  4" and 3" thick are still doing ok.  

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